Saturday, 10 December 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Hello dear followers and guests of my blog!
How in last year, I made a list of stores and events where you will find Advent Calendars.🎄

2. !gO! join group 50 L$
4. MadPea's Christmas Calendar Exclusive giftshud cost 1000 L$
5. Trompe Loeil play gacha on the Arcade
6. ALB DREAM FASHION / ShuShu join group 500 L$
7. .EscalateD. join group 50L$
9. Hello Dave join free group
10. SwayLand hunt
11. ReACT
12. GLITTER Fashion join free group
13. 8i8 Mariposa Gardens 8i8 join group 75 L$, until 31 dec
14. Sweet Revolutions join free group
15. AlterEgo
16. The Advent Chase hunt
20. -monaLISA- join group 100 L$
21. AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS male and female gifts, join free group

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