Friday, 5 January 2018

+Dreamcatcher+ Luxure backgrounds Gacha @ The Chapter Four

Hello, dears! This is my first work, completely dedicated to the backgrounds for the photo.
I really liked this process and I think, I will continue to make similar products. 
I hope, you will like it too!

4-31th January

This gacha includes:
Rare 01 - one background and one panel. The panel is designed for those 
who want to decorate their home, shop or event stand
02 - 07 commons - six luxury backgrounds
All commons 2Li, Rare 2-3Li
mod / no copy / transfer

Sunday, 10 December 2017

+Dreamcatcher+ Snowflake earrings /Advent Calendar 2017

I published it with a delay, so it will be available free of charge until tomorrow evening.
After that, until the end of the month, it will cost 10L$

This is a special edition, only for the Advent calendar.
Will not for sale until the next Advent season!

+Dreamcatcher+ Starry Night Gacha @ The Chapter Four

Add some gentle magic into your image, with these shining accessories!
+ Decor - the moon with the stars group gift (join 10L$)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kaleidoscope shopping mall @Advent Calendar 1-24 December

Gifts are added every day, from different stores. 
The first day, after laying out, each gift is free. The next day, its price changes to 10L$ 
All gifts are available until the end of the month + last year's gifts from 1 to 35L$

Available gifts for 1-11 Dec
(Photos are sorted according to their day numbers)

+Dreamcatcher+ Tea rose tattoo @APPLIQUE

The event is almost over, and I'm just doing a post. Ha-ha!
Tattoo has a Maitreya, Belleza and Omega appliers. It has two separate layers on the pelvis and thighs. You can wear this separately or, using different layers of overlay, together.

This is a special offer. At the end of the event, the price will be increased ;)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

+Dreamcatcher+ Crown of fate @Enchantment ~ Snow White

This product has a HUD for 7 colors.
You can change the color in 5 parts of the crown.

This tour is dedicated to the fairy tale "Snow White". I like the freedom of choice, within the framework of the theme of the event. Because I was able to choose for myself not the classical version of the crown of the evil queen. My work is based on the film "Snow White and the Hunter". Despite the fact that I think that this film is boring, I really like the look of the queen and the crown itself.

+Dreamcatcher+ The Magic of Ice Gacha @ The Chapter Four

 The Magic of Ice Gacha includ:
RARE: mesh effect with color  HUD and bento pose 01
02-07 mesh effects with bento pose 01
08-13 mesh effects with bento pose 02


Hair: *PH* disordered hair-II // #1-6 RARE (BOX)
Outfit: CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Shapeshifter Garments / RARE LOOTBOX
Stockings: CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Nekotabi Stockings / LUNA
Effect: +Dreamcatcher+ The magic of ice - Icy Blast /RARE 01
Pose: +Dreamcatcher+ The magic of ice Bento pose 01